Brass was in on Monday. The mighty Trumpet Dave Hopkin marshalled his troops along. Seeing the scrawled out music they had to play to, it was pretty much a miracle it sounded as good as it does. They played on “sparrows/5/thenumber/telegraphs/horses” and three of them hung around til late to improvise a little fadeout part on “pidginengland”. It’s a little oompah Beatles bit which staggers out of the end of the song and makes me laugh. Despite my mental block on the first note of the vocals, “sparrows” is now sounding as it should, like a brass band wheezing through a hundred year war. “5″ is the biggest sounding thing on the record. The end morricone fest is maybe getting a bit over the top, yelling in tongues, free jazz trumpets etc. Some of it might well get chucked, fo fear of people missing the point of it all.
Jon is playing glockenspiel on a little bit of “telegraphs”. The brass makes the song what it is so it’s grand to finally have it on there.
We are so indebted to the players for helping us out. The budget is scarily tight so we could only pay them in booze for a good six hours work. Kindly souls one and all.
After they went James and I were here til late rattling through a few vocals which are getting somewhere I think. We’re just trying to mess up the sound of them as much as possible. I spent all last night and this morning on “pidginengland”. The lyrics got gutted and remade over the last week but now are probably my favorite on the record. Yelled it through an amp like a tramp today which cracked it up a bit more. The whole song has to decay and break as it goes along which is fun to do but is a nightmare to get right.
String quartet down later, Winters is playing more glock on “theworld’saghost”, I am trying to get a calliope from somewhere and convince Fred to make more coffee.
Try and send out another message later.
Hope yr all well.


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