Paul did bass on “Telegraphs” thursday morning. Little Jack was more interested in chewing the bass headstock than watching his Dad “lay it down” although he did have a little dance to the song so we’re taking that as a good sign.
Jon was away in Liverpool so unfortunately for me that meant I had to play a load of stuff. I keep thinking I should enjoy the process of playing a bit more. I love playing songs, writing songs, recording etc but the little steps always feel just like that. Until everything is on a track I find it hard to get a huge amount of pleasure in the basic physical act of playing an instrument, it’s not just joining the dots that I’m doing but I need the whole thing to be happening around me or it just feels a bit unbelievable to me…ah dunno. I’m not in anyway complaining about it, just trying to explain it.
Simon was playing “Horses” again. The middle section is like a chase scene in a sixties Morricone scored Italian movie and is pretty tough to play. It’s coming along though. It’s probably one of my favourites on the record I think. The lyrics are all kind of dark and the strings sound like drunken disney stuff. It’s sort of funny, especially when the humming choir comes in.
Did vocals on “directionofgod” and “thenumber” late on Thursday which sounded like they’re getting somewhere. Also spent a fair few hours doing piano and vocal takes of “Telegraphs” which is really hard to do as good as it needs to be but the sound of them both at the same time is sounding so much better than doing them apart so will keep going with it. Mike is probably going to be pretty annoyed at me because the middle section he has painstakingly scored for the quartet now pings around between 3/4 and 4/4 a couple more times. Not because we are clever and Battles like, just because I can’t play it properly
Pulled the kit apart yesterday and Jones played some amazing parade drums on “St Mary” and “Sparrows”. Proper ragged mountain songs, with the uke and the punctured lung harmonium they are. Recording the harmonium was a nightmare for poor Winters. He had to lie on the floor and push the pedals with his hands while I played the damn thing. Wish we had photos of the scene to show you but alas no.
Had some piano disasters on the end of “stmary” but we finally worked out that the reason it didn’t fit was Winter’s guitar part was totally different from the original. He shall redo it today and save the song.
Have a total mental block on one note on “sparrows” which is driving me insane but did a few other vocals last night which are sounding really good which for me to say myself is high praise indeed!
Guitar day today will throw out another spiel later concerning today, the sixth of fourteen.
Take care

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