So in a morning haze we awake to check emails in the hope all codes and links have been a smuggled our way. Could it be that we will really hear the new Radiohead album today? And yes we did, and many an hour was spent listening to it by various members. All in all better than we were to expect, yet puzzlings at why House Of Cards was to be included on this album. Not their finest moment in any sense.
We move on to tha days events wich seemed to take many a turn. Drum trks for “No5″? complete with much a thump and snap as usual. Piano done on “Winternight” and ” myson”. things moving steadily on as well as many a gewtar bein layed down with raunchy results.
We finish off the night as Paul lays down some Phat bass lines and groove the night away.
that’s me fer te day


One of them see saw days.
Started with drums on “Horses” as a continuation of yesterday’s snare drum nightmares. Fixed the aforementioned scumbag drum only to hit a brick wall with kick drum patterns and general fraying moods.
However the arrival of the piano, close to twenty microphones placed around it and a wonder of a piano take or two by Winters on “myson” raised spirits a fair amount. I worked out the piano again on “Winternight” which now fits Paul’s lazy ass bass playing (which he shall redo tonight!) and also started guitars on “myson”. Winter’s ancient guitar sounds amazing but takes great issue with staying in tune. This led me to spit a few feathers and retire to more red wine to avoid having to take any responsibility.
Paul is here tonight, is convinced they are shooting a “adult” film on a balcony by the studio, eat a giant pickle and is bringing the little man Jack in tomorrow. So in between the rows and stress of a record I imagine there will be a fair bit of Bob the Builder and general honorary uncle action going on.
Ed H might be coming down to punch a bit of Johanna over a couple of tracks but the piano goes walkies at the end of the week so who knows. It’s really nice to be back in a studio with a hundred stupid ideas, a million annoying problems and a little inkling that this record is going to be exactly what we want it to be.
Simon is currently playing a bin on the end of “5″ so god only knows what is going on with the song.
Hope yr all well.


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