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Last night was a night of failed attempts. I think maybe at the end of recording you (the royal we=me) gets so nervous about letting stuff go that you just want to pull the threads out of every single thing that made your head spin before, in case you’re wrong about it all. We worked out that stuff is sounding great. That song doesn’t need a squeeze box solo, a junkyard guitar solo, or to be honest any sort of damn solo.
I was waiting for James to leave last night so I could record a new song for the record on the sly. I wrote it a couple of days ago walking over the Thames to the studio. I was gutted at the time that the engineer had to leave for his bus so I couldn’t sneak it on the record but now, I think it’s better saved. The second verse is my favourite words ever….digs the mud, to find lost things, sunken clocks, and baby cribs and the bones of horses….
“thenumber/horses/directionofgod” all mixed today. Currently working on “telegraphs’. The brass makes it all work properly…it don’t yet….

Yesterday was final day of invention.
assessment and trial of many things, mainly to keep our own interest going as we have heard these tracks many a time. i think maybe its best we walk away before we begin to make similar moves from the past.
Me and Paul added down backing vox on “Sparrows” and then me and Sam added more to “Winternight” and then “StMary”. both of which ye of the choir added yr sonic beauty to, only now we added even more harmony. sheer drunken beauty.
i am probably the most proud of this out of everything that i ever done. that sentence is too wordy. (idiot)
off now